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Promoting Harmony Through Knowledge and Better Understanding
From the Editor

Welcome to the Cross Cultures Magazine website.   Cross Cultures is an open forum for everyone to participate.

The magazine promotes mutual respect and harmony through better understanding between the different cultures and faiths of Canada, by exchange of knowledge and dialogue.

We are in the process of publishing online.

All issues since 1991 are already on the website (and hard copies are still available upon request), but now all new articles and items will only appear online .... i.e. becoming an online publication - since cost of production vs attempts to match revenue from advertising have become challenging in the current economy

The good news is: it becomes accessible to the entire world!

Read more about Cross Cultures here.

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday, March 21 2015
    Our annual commemoration of the
    UN International day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
    at Kitchener City Hall

    a FREE all day public event at the Kitchener City Hall

    The theme for this year is FREEDOM ... of speech, thought, religion

    with . . .
    * speakers
    * panel and interactive discussions
    * display booths

    and of course . . .
    * PEACE concert and the visual artists show ...

    Details will be posted shortly!

  • Check back often for all upcoming events!

  • To view past events, please click here.
Read the editor's review of "Jasmines from Egypt Branches Forever" here.

Volume 10 Issue 1

Transcending Barriers

Volumne 10, Issue 1 is now available - Browse it online here.

Bulletin board coming soon!

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