Multiculturalism !!

April / May 1992

by Anthony Antoniadis

Firstly, let us examine what the word culture means. For this I quote from Webster’s dictionary which states that culture is:

“the acquired ability of an individual or a people to recognize and appreciate generally accepted esthetic and intellectual excellence; the esthetic and intellectual achievement of civilization; a particular state or stage of civilization, as in the case of certain nation or period; as Chinese culture, etc., anthropology, sociology, the total of human behaviour patterns and technology communicated from generation to generation”.

Multiculturalism therefore means to be acquainted with a number of cultures of different race, nationality or religion than yours; to obtain knowledge of their culture; to respect their customs and, in many cases, to borrow and follow the good aspects (because, as in everything else in life, there are positive and negative aspects of every culture).

One must accept the fact that humans are all the same, having the same abilities of mind and body, regardless of skin colour and body structure.

Once you embrace multiculturalism by admitting that it is not just your own race, nationality or religion that is best, you will realize that all people have more or less the same principles of goodness and the same vices.

Once you are bold and bright enough to accept the above facts, you will have no difficulty working, associating and fraternizing with all peoples, regardless of cultural background. You will feel pleasure and satisfaction as you realize that your knowledge and scope of life has extended further than your own borders of racial or national culture.

Accepting multiculturalism enables one to live peacefully and happily with all people.