Quite the Lady

Mike Bassillious
Vol 7 1998

Quite the Lady *

She is really, quite the lady. I am very proud of her ..very proud. I don’t know anyone who could have gone through the same struggles, tribulations, and wars, yet still return with their head held high and their flame intact, as She has.

She is really, quite the lady. My goodness, She’s simply beautiful. What features (original and glowing) !  It’s true, when I saw Her from the plane’s window I turned to my mother and said “look how bright She is . .” And that line! That long, essential line, curving down the center of her back, unifying every limb and muscle.

She is really, quite the lady. How, despite her many bruises, she seems to eke out enough energy and resources from her beautiful bosom to nurture her children. She finds enough courage to support her man. She is strong and the hearts of her people are a force to be reckoned with. What is especially wonderful is how she maintains a ‘down to earth’ and simple sensibility, in the spotlight of her fame. She has riches hidden away and a mysticism that intrigues all those around her.

She is really, quite the lady. She is a First Lady of sorts: of art and architecture, of theological study, of monasticism and martyrdom, of experience, and beauty.

She has taught her daughters wonderful things. Some friends and I walked along one of her village roads, lost, tired, and thirsty. The young village girl walked out of the roadside where we were bent over, leaning on our knees. She had in her hand a clay flask of ice cold water, which she gave us to drink. We rested there. The daughter was beautiful .. simple and beautiful, just like her Mother.

It has been three and a half years since I saw her last, but sometimes, when I think I smell sycamore figs in the breeze, I remember Her. She has been a refuge .. my oasis, quite the lady, and I miss her

  • Mike is describing Egypt ..