love thy neighbour … 2017 iftar

2017 love thy neighbour IFTAR

an opportunity for muslims and non muslims to mingle and enjoy a relaxed social gathering

because in the end we all identify as CANADIAN ..

please encourage your colleagues and neighbours to join you …

an opportunity to show support to the Muslim community that is currently very much misunderstood ..

 … there will be no speeches the idea here is to encourage everyone to socialize and mingle

the ‘iftar’ will be an all Halal meal, in addition to some specials of Ramadan . . .

for example  .. fava beans are a must every night of Ramadan no matter  how elaborate the food is ..

also a middle eastern dessert

and qamar el din (dried apricot juice)

and Karkadeh which is a wild flower tea (served cold since we are not in winter)

breaking of the fast is at sundown ..  that on Friday will be at 8:58

if you have any dietary restrictions .. please let us know NOW

ADVANCE reservations ONLY please .. we need to know the exact numbers prior to the event

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~

looking forward to hearing from you