Florence Carbray

Florence, my next door neighbour of 30 years, is the first person who welcomed me to this country, got me involved with the community association of which she was president at the time, hired my teenage daughter to baby side her boys … and so much more ..

During that long stretch of time .. we have had discussions, disagreed on so many current issues, about approaches to events, about public policies ..  but never on anything personal, and always with respect for each other’s point of view … we are both Taurus .. so you can imagine the kind of heated arguments that ensue .. her husband would just shake his head …

I decided today to tape an interview with her because she is running as a candidate for Kitchener Ward 4, and I wanted to bring out the aspect that some people may not know about her, about her humble, quiet yet efficient and sincere way of getting things done, about how for her 38 years of living here, she was been a go-getter of a very unique style … she listens, she brings people together, she respects everyone and she facilitates and moderates until both sides are satisfied .. an amazing lady!