democracy in action

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(an all candidates debate) for the upcoming elections

we are inviting candidates and residents of EACH riding to come out and exercise their right and responsibility to democracy …

1) Sunday September 29 2019 for Kitchener Centre riding 2-4 pm at Forest Heights community centre

2) Sunday October 6, 2019 for Kitchener Conestoga riding 2-4 pm at Forest Heights community centre

3) Wednesday October 16 2019 for Kitchener South – Hespeler riding 6-8 pm at Chandler Mowat community centre

what we will do differently from the norm is not have the initial introductions speeches (3 minutes or so) ..

because we are already aware of the party platforms, instead :

– first hour

will be our questions exploring¬† each candidate’s individual skills, knowledge, community involvements etc

– second hour

will be opening up the floor for residents

benefit to the residents:

you are able to hear all candidates reply to the same questions and compare
we look forward to having a meaningful gathering and ask you to also invite family and friends

benefit to candidates:

you are saying things ONCE, and maybe also addressing an audience who may not answer the door when you canvas