CKWR FM . . . voice of the community
December 1991 / January 1992
available at 98.7 on the FM band and 97.7 on cable
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CKWR – FM was established in 1973 and is Canada’s first licensed community radio station. The mandate of CKWR is to provide the community with programming that is neglected by other radio stations in the region. Broadcasting at a power of 2,220 watts they serve the communities of Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Stratford, Guelph and Brantford.

The station is primarily run by volunteers from the region of Waterloo who represent different special interest groups.

They offer programming that reflects the needs of many area residents. Programs are available in English, French, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Greek, Serbian, Croatian, East Indian, Polish, Romanian and Chinese. They also offer programming appealing to people of Irish, Carribean and Native ancestry. They also offer specialty music and arts programming as well as programs of an educational nature.

Cross Cultures 1991 July 1st launch

How about that !!
July 1 1991

and at the Multicultural Festival
in Kitchener Ontario’s Victoria Park
. . . this is where we will start . . .

Cross Cultures is open to everyone to participate
our main goal is to promote
harmony and better understanding
between the different cultures and faiths of Canada

we believe that through open and sincere dialogue
intelligent and intellectual debate
the exchange of knowledge and view points
many barriers can be transcended
and fear of the unknown be overcome

the magazine does not take any stand from issues rather we welcome freedom of expression for all and wish to stress that the articles reflect the individual writers’ opinions

we will however not shy away from discussing issues that concern us all regarding freedom of expression, thought and spiritual practices, human rights, racism, and whatever comes up … so we encourage you to start writing …

with so many wonderfully rich cultures, civilizations, faiths and spiritualities, how wonderful it would be to communicate and “meet”, share ideas, debate and discuss issues with respect, intellect and sincerity .. to enrich each other’s horizons …  this is the first of what we hope can be a friendly companion to you all

we reach out with open arms to all cultural, ethnic and faith groups to join hands and help us make a go of it!

share an article educating us all, and help us understand your group’s concerns

measuring any action according to one’s own standards may sometimes do injustice to people; it is for that reason that we ask that submissions be written by a member of the specific culture or faith . . . for who can explain it better ??

the exception of course will be for travel diaries, observations from one culture to another is also enlightening provided there are no derogatory remarks

Cross Cultures magazine
(a division of Sphinx Freelance Corporation)
is registered with the National Library of Canada under ISSN 1188-8032; Copyright 408918, 1991