A New Experience

A New Experience
December 1991 / January 1992
Elsa Torre
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I am delighted with the launching of the magazine “Cross Cultures” especially because this community hosts an enormous diversity of ethnic groups, and Cross Cultures will provide an excellent way to communicate with everyone, and help us all know and understand each other better, and that is why I am writing to tell everyone about the organization I am working with: the K-W Intercultural Women’s Group. It was created by a committee of dedicated volunteers who felt many immigrant women’s needs were not being totally addressed. Our goal is to help them integrate into mainstream Canadian society.

We have organized support groups for those women. Each group is formed of a few members who are encouraged to interact, to be self motivated and to direct the program according to their own needs. Our groups are headed by volunteer leaders who have a genuine interest in helping these women adapt to their new country. Many of the leaders are immigrants themselves, and are well aware of the obstacles faced by newcomers. Others are volunteers who wish to put their time and skills to a worthy cause. Together they form a very cohesive team.

A few of the short term goals we wish to achieve:

* Provide an atmosphere where the members feel free to talk and express their ideas and concerns

* Implement those ideas into programs

* Organize activities in which members get better acquainted and develop lasting friendships and acquire broader
knowledge and understanding of other cultures, races and points of view

* Develop a program that is flexible, dynamic, creative, educational and recreational

* Inform members of community events and services available for them and their families

* Provide as many learning experiences as possible, through group members or by hosting speakers

* Provide a comfortable atmosphere to practice their English skills

The groups meet regularly. Babysitting is at no cost. Groups meet at different locations